Snapfon ezTWO Video Tutorials...See just how easy it is! Step by step instructions for your Snapfon ezTWO!

Here at Snapfon, we wish that we could personally meet and help all of our customers with any question they might have.  Unfortunately, we are in Tennessee while our Snapfon family is spread out all across the country and even the world!  We figured what better way to answer commonly asked questions about the Snapfon than to provide you with videos that have all of the answers! We present detailed videos explaining step-by-step instructions on using most of the features of the Snapfon.  We have videos ranging from engaging the speakerphone to using the built in LED flashlight, to detailed instructions on storing and saving phone numbers and names into the Snapfon’s phonebook.  We also provide videos demonstrating certain features; for example, if you have a question about how the SOS button on the back of the Snapfon works, we have provided a video explaining how to program five emergency contacts into the SOS settings.  The video then shows that when the SOS button is pressed, all five of those emergency contacts will receive an SMS text message, alerting each of the contacts of a potential emergency.  Next, the phone will automatically start the dialing sequence until the call is answered, at which point the Snapfon’s speakerphone function is activated, making it easier for the user to hear the person on the other end of the call.  We find that with some of the features the Snapfon offers, it makes a difference to see it in action!

The instructional videos break down each feature of the phone and guide you step by step, so even though we are not able to be with you in person to show you how to use the phone, you will be able to follow us along by watching the videos to teach you everything you need to know about the Snapfon!