Instructional Videos

Easy to follow, step-by-step instructional videos to get the most out of your Snapfōn®.

Snapfōn® offers easy to follow step-by-step instructional videos to help make using your ezONE or ezTWO even easier! The videos are a useful and convenient way for users and their family’s to explore the functionality of the easiest to use senior cell phone on the market today.The videos are phone-specific to assist you finding the help you need quickly and easily.

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Snapfōn® provides the nation’s favorite cell phones for seniors. With today’s advances, senior citizens live more independent lives. A senior-friendly cell phone is an invaluable and necessary tool for extending independence and safeguarding yourself or your loved one. The Snapfōn® ezTWO3G senior cell phone combines the reliability of a standard cell phone with big buttons, a bright screen, large fonts, enhanced rings and sound, and a simple to navigate menu. Combining these easy to use features with Snapfōn®’s unique SOS button (available with our optional sosPlus® Mobile Monitoring Service), ensures that help is only a button press away.

The Snapfōn® cell phone for seniors is easy to see, easy to hear, and easy to use. Let us help keep you or your loved one safe and healthy.