Snapfon Celebrates Their First Anniversary of the ezONE!

Introducing Snapfōn, the perfect senior cell phone!

Snapfon. the Perfect Senior Cell Phone. Find one now! 

Are you looking for a senior cell phone or a big button cell phone? That’s the Snapfon ezONE! Our senior cell phone is a quad-band world phone with simple features that are designed to be easy to see, easy to use and created with our customer’s needs in mind.

senior cell phone

The perfect cell phone for seniors or anyone that loves simplicity!

The Snapfon ezONE is easy to see, easy to hear, and easy to use.Our senior cell phone offers custom features such as amplified enhanced sound and volume, an SOS Emergency button, large font display, and a speaking keypad.

Paired with our great cell phone, customers can choose from one of our no-contract cell phone plans or use with your current provider (only compatible with AT&T® or T-Mobile® service).

Snapfon also offers excellent custom tailored services, that we hope will better enhance the quality of life for our aging communities, giving them the ability to live an active, independent lifestyle of their choice and ability.

Features of the Snapfon®, the senior cell phone

Our flagship feature on the Snapfon ezONE is our patented SOS Emergency Button. Pressing the SOS Emergency Button for 5 seconds will alert 4 of your predetermined contacts that you have an emergency and that help is needed. It will also sound a loud alarm to notify neighbors or those close by that you are in need of urgent care.

Another great feature on our Snapfon® ezONE, is our very bright, built-in LED Flashlight. This built-in LED Flashlight is a great tool for power outages, reading in low light conditions or just getting in the door at night. This powerful LED Flashlight can be used any time it is needed, without any major impact to the battery life of your Snapfon®.

If you’re a senior citizen then more than likely you have similar health issues comparable to other seniors. One issue we addressed with our senior cell phone, is the need to enhance the volume, so our customers can hear loudly and clearly while speaking on the phone. We created our senior cell phone so all of our customers can use it to its fullest potential.

Why buy a snapfon?

Buying a Snapfon really is a SNAP! Buy one today for your aging family member to give them the independence they desire. Nothing says you care, like giving the gift of constant assurance and piece-of-mind that is provided when carrying our portable personal emergency response system. We are based and fully operate in the United States and want to serve our country, customers and aging communities. Let us work for you! Find us at