Let’s Get You Activated on the Snapfon logo Network

What kind of kit are you activating?


Already have a SIM Kit? Have your device and SIM card ready – activation is a snap!

Device Kit

If you purchased a Snapfōn® Device from Walmart or Amazon you’re in the right place!

Need a SIM Kit?

You need a SIM Kit to activate your device on the Snapfōn® network. Order yours now.

Get a SIM Kit

What is your activation code?

What you need:

  • Your 3-in-1 Snapfon SIM card
  • Your 4G LTE mobile device
  • A tool or paperclip to remove your current SIM card

Your 6 digit activation code can be found on the the back of your SIM card.

Nationwide 4G LTE 3-in-1 SIM Card my.snapfon.com/ActivateSIM
0000000000000000000 XXX000

Once you are ready, head to your account to start the Activation process.

What is your activation code?

You can find your kit number on the activation guide inside the device box.

Enter Your Kit Code