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SosPlus - Personal emergency response service agent: Jason Rodriguez
Injured woman uses sosPlus ® after falling down stairs.

Sept. 25, 2013

Waterbury, CT

Fireworks, barbecues, and baseball, are the sights, smells, and sounds of 4th of July celebrations. On this day, we commemorate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence by the Congress of 1776.

On July 4th, 2013 at 3am, Colette woke up to use the restroom. Realizing that she hadn’t taken her medication, she proceeded to the kitchen. As she approached the kitchen, her slipper caught the stair and she fell down the flight of stairs, landing on her wrists. Tragically, she broke her wrists, injured her hip, and hurt her knee. In her own words Colette recalled the situation: “Every time I tried to move, it hurt. I finally rolled on my side, grabbed my Snapfon ezTWO, and pressed the SOS button with sosPlus ® Mobile Monitoring Service .” sosPlus ® Mobile Monitoring Service  team member Jason responded to Colette’s cry for help and sent the paramedics to her home.

The young man (whom she referred to as “Johnny on the spot”) kept me calm and assured me that help was coming,” Colette told sosPlus As the paramedics arrived, they found Colette on the floor not moving.

sosPlus ® Mobile Monitoring Service  was later told that without the information the paramedics received from  SosPlus team member Jason, they might have thought she was unconscious and attempt to move her, possibly injuring her further.

sosPlus ® Mobile Monitoring Service  was happy to learn that Colette, after a few weeks of rehab, is back in her home.

We thank sosPlus® Mobile Monitoring Service team member Jason for his caring and dedicated service on Colette’s behalf, giving her the calming reassurance that with the Snapfon ezTWO and sosPlus ® Mobile Monitoring Service , help is always a button push away.


Keeping seniors connected with family and friends is one of our main goals at Snapfon. The way we do this everyday is with our easy to use cell phone and low cost plans. We believe if seniors have a device that is easy to use, they will be able to use it to stay connected with family and friends. We also offer sosPlus mobile monitoring service, which keeps seniors connected to an emergency response service 24/7.

Another way we accomplish keeping seniors connected is by updating our blog regularly. We post blogs on a wide variety of topics: from safety, health, and security to food, travel, and entertainment. We like to share our favorite recipes, holiday traditions, as well as great tips for every day living. We hope our readers use the topics in the blog as conversation starters, whether they are at home with family or out with friends. We strive to keep our readers interested with different and fascinating subjects.

One portion of our blog is dedicated to sosPlus testimonials. We post real life examples of emergency situations where our sosPlus team members have been able to intervene in life threatening situations such as a heart attack, where every second counts. Another example of sosPlus team members helping our subscribers is a situation where an intruder has entered the home or water coming out of the ceiling on the verge of an electrical fire that could have destroyed the home with the homeowner trapped inside.

Everything we do here at Snapfon is driven by the idea of keeping seniors connected with family and friends, whether it is constantly reviewing our products, developing new products, or adding new services or features based on our users’ feedback.  Try us today and see how our dedication can help you.

From your friends at Snapfon where we love keeping seniors connected!