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Why People Choose Snapfōn®

Why Snapfōn®?

Snapfōn® is a company built for seniors and their families.

Our Mission

The Snapfōn® team began with the primary goal to produce a cell phone and provide a cell service with seniors in mind. We have grown to offer service plans built for everyone who wants a budget friendly, hassle free, and no commitment cellular provider. We remain committed to enhancing seniors’ and special needs customers’ access to technology by doing a few simple things.

  • Provide tailored products and services.
  • Provide an environment focused on quality.
  • Provide 100% US-based customer service.

Here at Snapfōn®, we care about our employees and our customers. We strive to build a company of caring, offering high-value products and services. Our mission is to, “Foster a work environment of integrity, accountability, and effectiveness in order to meet the unique needs of our customers every day, with every phone call, and with every product shipped.

To us, it’s that easy. And at Snapfōn®, we like easy.

What We Do

We offer cellular service plans, develop our own brand of accessible, safety-oriented phones, and offer our SOS Plus Mobile Monitoring Service.

At Snapfōn® we develop easy-to-use cell phones for both seniors and anyone with low vision, low hearing, and/or dexterity impairments. We strive to offer easy-to-see, easy-to-hear, easy-to-use cellular devices at the lowest cost possible. While keeping our phones simple, we pack them with features to aid those with accessibility needs. Check out our products page to learn more about our Snapfōn® devices, and the other phones and accessories we offer.

To fully meet our customers’ needs, we combine our accessible cell phones with our low-cost cellular plans for customers looking to save on their monthly phone bills. We also offer our own 24/7 Emergency Monitoring Response service, SOS Plus. With no surprise overage fees, flexible plans, and easy cancellation our services are built for a budget. Set up your plan and rest assured that you won’t see any surprises. Check out all of our Benefits and Build a Plan for your budget today.

Our Snapfōn® devices all incorporate a simplified user interface with an easily accessible, physical SOS Emergency button. Through the push of a single button, Snapfōn® devices can call out to emergency services and notify your emergency contacts via text messages. Combine your Snapfōn® device with our SOS Plus Mobile Monitoring Service to make your phone a true lifeline system. To learn more about how the SOS Plus service works, visit our SOS Plus page.

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Where We Began

Originally based in Chattanooga, TN, Snapfōn® handsets began production in 2010 and launched their own cellular service in 2013. The brand expanded to smartphone handsets and service in 2017. Our goal, since the original planning of the first Snapfōn® handset, was to produce the easiest-to-see, easiest-to-hear, and easiest-to-use phone on the market, primarily targeted to low hearing and low vision consumers. Since 2010, we have served over 250,000 customers and provide a handset which can be purchased directly through our website, or through a variety of online and mainstream cellular outlets. We continue to focus on delivering a specialty product for the best value.

Snapfōn® is the principal brand of Excellus Communications LLC, a privately held company currently based in Sioux Falls, SD. Snapfōn® has been an A+ Member of the Better Business Bureau since 2011. Our products have been featured in publications including the New York Times, Forbes, Seattle Times, Huffington Post, PC Mag, and many others.

Snapfōn®, It’s That Easy