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Autumn is Finally Here

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The fall season has finally arrived and here at Snapfōn® we are ready for it! Are you? Fall brings changing leaves and brisk mornings. We love seeing all the carved pumpkins and October festivals each community showcases. Another great thing about fall is that it’s a lead up to those MUCH colder days ahead. Almost a little bit of a warning to everyone to be prepared. Here we offer some great preparation ideas for winter that you can implement now.

First is to have your annual checkups if you haven’t already. Make an appointment with your primary care provider for a yearly physical. Have all your labs done and bring up any concerns you may have. We also recommend asking about nutritional supplements and what to do if you do catch any illness or notice any unusual symptoms.

Getting your house ready for the cold. A good idea is to have your windows and doors checked for air leaking. You can waste so much money on your heating bill if you a don’t have these properly sealed. Sometimes simply covering your windows with plastic wrap can also help with keeping your home warmer.

Finally, if you struggle form mobility issues or cannot physically clear snow from your driveway or your walking path look into hiring a snow removal company now. A lot of companies fill their schedules quickly and you don’t want to be caught without any help. Even asking a neighbor with a snow blower for extra help can be a great idea.

Wishing you all a wonder fall and hope some of these tips can get each of you a little bit more prepared for the cold days ahead.