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Big Buttons Make Cell Phone Use Easier

  • Large, easy-to-see, button interface (the size of a dime!)
  • Loud amplified button audio
  • 8 Speed Dial Keys
Time to make using a cell phone easy again…  
unlocked ezTWO3G for use with service of your choice

Perfect. Highly recommended!

I purchased this for an elderly relative. It's perfect for the individual who wants the convenience of a cell phone, but does not want tons of confusing buttons and apps.

Absolutely. Worth it.

…Big display, buttons, slide button for lock and loud ringtones are his favorite features.

3 Reasons Why Snapfon Will Make Grandpa’s (and Your) Life Simpler

Accomodating Grandpa's Needs with a Simple Cell Phone

Have you ever tried to explain a new piece of technology to your grandpa?

Of course you have.

The real question is: How did that conversation go?

Was there any frustration? From you or from Grandpa? Probably both.

You and Grandpa come from different generations. You both know your stuff. The problem is, you know different stuff.

It’s the kind of situation that strikes up tension. Grandpa’s stubborn—he doesn’t want to learn something new at his age.

But you’re stubborn, too. Technology comes easy to you—why doesn’t Grandpa just give it a try?

That’s where we come in.

At Snapfon we understand that everyone needs to communicate. The problem is, we all communicate in different ways.

What if there was a phone built specifically with Grandpa’s needs in mind?

Now, there is.

Keep reading for 3 reasons why Snapfon will simplify Grandpa’s (and your) life.

1. Stop Repeating Yourself.

“Hi Grandpa!”
“I said, ‘Hi Grandpa!’”

Is this a familiar conversation?

With Snapfon’s extra loud volume capacity, Grandpa can turn up the sound on his end, so you don’t have to.

We know hearing is one of the first senses to go with age, which is why we’ve designed our phone to be extra sensitive to volume.

Grandpa will never miss a beat with his new Snapfon!

2. Stay in touch without the frustration.

Now that Grandpa has a Snapfon, he’ll be able to stay in touch with all the grandkids with ease—no more frustrating questions or typos.

All Grandpa ever wanted to do was dial a number and hear your voice.

Now, he can.

With a simple menu, basic navigation, and only the necessary features, Grandpa will be an expert on his new phone in no time!

3. Stop worrying about Grandpa’s safety.

For just $15 a month, Grandpa can set up our easy-to-use SOS emergency monitoring system.

With just a touch of a button, Grandpa can reach emergency personnel if he requires assistance.

Integrated seamlessly into each Snapfon, our alert system isn’t cumbersome or obnoxious. Grandpa will barely notice it exists, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing it does.

Grandparents are a special part of your life. Why waste precious family time stressing about a complex device?

With a Snapfon, Grandpa can stay in contact with the whole family without becoming overwhelmed by technology.

It’s the best of both worlds.
Only $39.99