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Devices that help elderly individuals live easier healthier lives.

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As technology has advanced a strong focus has been placed on making the lives of the user simple and easy. With the simplicity and ease of life that technologies can bring, the baby boomer generation has found technology to be key in bridging the gap between aging and life activities that years ago would have been more difficult for seniors. This generation of seniors has had technologies in their lives for years and it’s no question that they would be looking towards technologies to assist them as they age. Companies have seen this want and desire for senior-focused health and lifestyle technologies and are creating innovative products for exactly that.

One might not think of a shoe as having technology but in fact, a lot goes into the design, function, and form of a shoe. A good pair of shoes can impact your back, legs, walk, support, and overall health more than you might realize. And as we age, putting on a pair of shoes can become significantly more difficult with arthritis, flexibility, or even mobility issues. The company KIZIK has created a shoe with what they call, “Foot Activated Shoe Technologies” also known as hands-free show technology made by HandsFree Labs. These shoes can be fully put on by simply sliding your foot into the shoe. The shoe wearer does not have to lean over, use their hands, or even ask for assistance. Simply slide your foot into the shoe and you’re ready to go. This type of technology can be extremely beneficial for seniors who are working to keep their independence while having age-specific limitations.

Your cell phone can also bring health and safety monitoring right into your pocket. Cell phones have advanced quickly through the years with applications, features, and specs that aren’t always what every user wants. So many features can be overwhelming when simply needing to make a phone call or get emergency help if a situation arises. Snapfōn® has used the most advanced technology to pull back on all those extra features and specs that our customers find they don’t need and instead brings a simplified cell phone with pre-programmed applications specifically created for seniors and a large SOS emergency button available to contact three pre-programmed users if an emergency arises. The Snapfōn® cell phones such as the ez4G and the ezFlip are purposefully created to make life easier and simpler by being exactly what they are intended to be, a phone. Snapfōn® also offers SOS Plus Mobile Monitoring Service to connect the SOS button on the cell phone to a 24-7 mobile response agent in case of an emergency who has access to the user’s pre-given medical information and contacts. These agents can call 9-1-1 or contact family or friends in case of an emergency. 

Another new technology emerging is a product that will disperse your medication for you in the amount you need without the use of a pill case or a person to assist. Devices such as the one the company HERO has created will work on a countertop as a dispenser connected to a scheduled dosage that the user sets up. This can be a wonderful tool for seniors who may need a lot of different types of medications at different times of the day. Snapfōn® as well as many other companies are excited to bring forth these types of products and technologies focused on our customers and their lifestyles. Seniors can take advantage of these products and enjoy independence and the well-being they bring and Snapfōn® is proud to be a part of that.