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Honoring Our Heroes – National Military Appreciation Month 🎖️

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This May, we take a moment to express our deepest gratitude and celebrate the courageous seniors in our circles who have served our nation. 💐 In honor of National Military Appreciation Month, we’d like to recognize the valor and sacrifices of our service members.

Here are three ways to honor active duty and veteran service members this month:

  1. Write a Thank You Note: A simple, handwritten card can brighten a vet’s day. Tell them how much you appreciate their hard work for our country.
  2. Share Stories: Ask a vet to tell you about their time in the service. Listening is a great way to show you care.
  3. Fly Our Flag: Show your pride by flying the American flag at your home. It’s a powerful way to honor all who have served.

Thank you for joining us in celebrating National Military Appreciation Month. Our service members deserve our thanks every day for their extraordinary dedication to our freedom and safety.