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Memorial Day at Snapfōn®

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Here at Snapfōn®, we recognize Memorial Day and the importance of honoring our Veterans. Memorial Day was created to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice by serving our country. It is celebrated on the last Monday of May, which will be May 30th, 2022.

Many are surprised to know that Memorial Day wasn’t the original name for the holiday. It was first called, “Decoration Day”, due to the act of people decorating the graves of fallen soldiers with flowers and flags to commemorate their lives. It all started in 1866 when Civil War vets marched through Carbondale, IL. Union hero General John A. Logan delivered the principal address and helped coin the term, “Decoration Day”. New York was the first state to designate Decoration Day as a legal holiday in 1873, which would cause the city of Waterloo, NY to be named “the birthplace of the memorial day” nearly a century later.

Decoration Day was first recognized as a national holiday by every Northern state in 1890, and by the rest of the country after WWI. The holiday began to become known as Memorial Day to honor U.S. soldiers who served in all wars, not just the Civil War. Memorial Day was declared a federal holiday in 1971. It was changed from May 30th to the fourth Monday of the month to give federal employees a three-day weekend.

Certain communities partake in different traditions in honor of Memorial Day. The Decoration Day festivities still live strongly by the tradition of decorating soldiers’ graves. Certain states will fly their flags at half-mast until noon, and full-mass until sunset. Another popular tradition is the wearing of red poppies, based on the WWI poem, “In Flanders Fields” by John McCrea.

Here at Snapfōn®, we recognize all those traditions and would like to add a tradition of our own. In honor of Memorial Day Snapfōn® is offering $50 off the purchase of any new phone when you sign up for the Snapfōn® News Letter. Offer valid May 24 – June 3rd. Redeem offer here: