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National Do Something Nice Day

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October 5 is a day to do something nice for strangers, family, or friends. These days we tend to get caught up in our regular routines, businesses, personal projects or plans. We may lose track of time between when we last spoke to a friend or when we last said nice work to the mail carrier or garbage collector we see every week. It doesn’t take much for us to add a few pleasantries in our greetings with others but it does add a lot to how we feel and how we make others feel.

This can be a great week to give back to your community. Volunteering helps so many and gives the person who’s volunteering a wonderful sense of purpose. Soup kitchens, homeless shelters, animal humane societies, habitat for humanity, or other local groups can be a perfect way to start. These organizations can have companies come to volunteer or you can go and do it personally as well. Just a few hours out of a day can really make all the difference. 

Pick up the phone and reach out to family and friends. Grandparents won’t be around forever and as the years pass we may not realize just how much time has actually gone by. Placing a call and just asking how they’ve been and catching up can bring so much joy to you and them. If you have family far away try and schedule a reunion of sorts where one day a year or every few years you can all get together and catch up.

This week is a great time to try and start incorporating a helpful manner about yourself. If you notice a stranger struggling with groceries or needing a hand, offer your assistance if you’re able. If a neighbor is working on a project or fixing something on your home that you know you’re able to help with, offer. Or even just stopping for small talk with the cashier and wishing them a wonderful day can really help to brighten a bad time someone may be having that you know nothing about.This is a great week to focus on your community and yourself and create an empathetic voice. Have a wonderful time making others happy.