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New website

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Welcome to the new website! It’s 2022 and we decided to upgrade our platform.

So what does this mean for you? Our new site provides quicker fulfillment for orders, as well as processing for new activations. This also means that the site speed itself is faster in comparison. Here at Snapfōn® we are dedicated to anything that helps make the transaction process more efficient for you as the customer.

We’re also creating a platform to provide informational value through our Snapfōn® newsletter. It will cover information regarding new technology, tips and tricks, as well as articles on health and lifestyle tips. Our Frequently Asked Questions will aim to communicate resolutions to common concerns to provide a more thorough customer service experience. You can expect more educational content from us here at Snapfōn®! We aim to deliver high-quality articles in our newsletter every week.

The website also helps our organization run more efficiently on the inside too. We’re talking more warehouse efficiency for shipping our product, and more organization of data on the back end. All of this adds up to a more engaging and quicker customer experience. We are on a quest for ever-evolving functionality and development!

So, let me be the first to welcome you, to the next generation of Snapfōn® culture!