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New Year New You

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Are you creating a new year’s resolution? A lot of people start the new year by making goals for themselves or their families. Things like exercise, diet, and lifestyle changes are at the forefront of these goals and aspirations going into the new year. What most of these have in common is the aspect of one’s health and wellness.

As we age our health starts to become more important to us than ever before. We notice ourselves slowing down and needing to incorporate habits to better our physical and mental selves. These goals are wonderful and they show that you care about your wellbeing and quality of life. People are living longer than they ever have before but with these beautifully long lives our bodies and minds may need some assistance in keeping up the qualities we enjoyed in our youth.

One goal to consider when weighing out your new year’s health and wellness resolution is the investment in a (PERS) Personal Emergency Response System. PERS systems let the user call for assistance in an emergency situation by simply pressing a button. These systems can be incorporated into a wearable device such as a necklace, bracelet, or watch. They can also be installed into your home and work alongside other smart home tools. Our favored way to incorporate a PERS device here at Snapfōn® is to simply have it in your cell phone.

The vast majority of Americans carry a cell phone with them nearly everywhere they go. As an elderly individual or someone who experiences mobility issues of any sort, having a PERS system is a game changer. The reassurance of someone being able to assist you 24-7, contact friends or family, connect you to emergency services, or simply help you in a confusing situation is immeasurable. With Snapfōn®s PERS system the sosPlus Mobile Monitoring Service we go one step further and keep a secure list of your provided doctors, medications, and other medical information that would be helpful during an emergency.

If you’re looking to incorporate a new years resolution of health, wellness, exercise, or simply getting out of the house more, a PERS system like the sosPlus Mobile Monitoring Service is an unbeatable tool to include alongside. Snapfōn® offers sosPlus Mobile as an additional service with our ez4G feature phone and our ezFlip feature phone. Don’t worry about not being able to accomplish your goals. With sosPlus Mobile in your pocket even in the event of an emergency you can quickly and easily receive help and assistance. Learn more here: