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Snapfon ezTWO3G Cellular Phone

Snapfon ezTWO3G , quad-band WCDMA (3G GSM) 850/1900 MHz Dark grey metallic body with medium grey face. Included in box: 1000mAh Lithium-ion battery, wall charger and manual.


BLU Vivo 8L

BLU Vivo 8L



Home phone converter


Plan Starter Kit

Build your own low cost SnapMobile plan using our available minutes, texts, and data packages.


ezTWO Horizontal Case

This durable horizontal black leather-style belt clip case keeps your Snapfon safe and close at hand. The magnetic flap closure makes it very easy to open.


ezTWO Wall Charger

Recharges your ezTWO at home, work, or anywhere there is a wall socket. (Note: Your Snapfon ezTWO comes with a wall charger. Order this only if you need an extra charging point for your ezTWO).


ezTWO Desktop Charging Cradle

The most convenient way to charge your Snapfon ezTWO at home. Can be used with or without our optional ezTWO Tuff Case. <br>Includes removable insert for use with or without Tuff case. <br>*Requires ezTWO Wall Charger - NOT Included.


Snapfon Lanyard

Our lanyard keeps your Snapfon close at hand. Wear it around your neck or hang it nearby. Includes a snap for quick-disconnect.


ezTWO 2 Piece Wall Charger

Two-piece Wall Charger. Direct Replacement for the original charger included with the Snapfon ezTWO line.


ezTWO Car Charger

The "ez" way to recharge your ezTWO away from home. Just plug into the power adapter in your car and keep your phone charged and ready to make receive or make calls.


ezTWO Tuff Case (Blue)

Protect your ezTWO with our wrap-around case. It is made of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) is a type of hard polyurethane plastic with great resistance to abrasion but does not adhere to particles like silicone.


ezTWO Car Charger with LED

Micro-USB with LED light on charging end to make finding your charging port easy in the dark. Includes extra USB port for an additional charger or device.


Snapfon Battery

Get an extra battery for peace of mind when there isn't a power source readily available. This extra battery replaces the battery included with your ezTWO. <br>853793000326


ezTWO3G Replacement Manual

Replacement manual for your Snapfon ezTWO3G. English and Spanish.