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st patricks day

Saint Patrick’s Day

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Saint Patrick’s Day is almost here and it’s a sign that spring has started. Following the start of daylight savings time with the days getting longer and brighter March 17 is the celebration of the patron saint of Ireland. At the age of 16 he was kidnapped and brought to Ireland as a slave. He later escaped and returned around 432 CE to convert the Irish to Christianity. 

This holiday has grown into a way to celebrate all things Irish here in the United States. Many cities throughout the U.S. host large celebrations to honor this day. Starting in 1962 Chicago has famously colored the Chicago River green. Parades are put on and people usually are seen in green attire. 

Whether you are Irish or not this holiday is celebrated on a large scale. Although it is not a recognized federal holiday some schools do shut down for this date. Find out what your local community is doing in celebration and get out to enjoy the spring weather. Young or old this is a perfect time of year to welcome the spring and celebrate with some fun activities in your local community.