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Elderly woman in wheelchair using Snapfōn® ez 4G phone

Snapfōn® and Accessibility

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The Americans with Disabilities Act was established and made into law in the early 90s. This law known as the ADA prohibits discrimination against any individual based on their disabilities. This helps to ensure that all people have the same opportunities and chances in all aspects of their life including jobs, school, transportation, public spaces, and more. Communities, individuals, and businesess have used these guiding laws as a stepping stone in working towards accessibility and reasonable accommodations. Snapfōn® shares these aspirations and the commitment to products and services that create independent living and accessibility to all users.

Independent living is a core value here at Snapfōn®. The products and services that Snapfōn® has created and offered since our inception are designed specifically for those users with visual impairments, hearing impairments, and dexterity or mobility issues. We work to bridge the gap between new technology and the accessibility they may lack. Smartphones or touch screens may pose some accessibility problems for certain users especially as they age or if they have a disability. Through generations of our ez cellular phone line we have been able to help so many users live a more independent and comfortable life. We pride ourselves on the user experience and customer satisfaction because these are not only an innovative product but they are also a product that provides useful service for those individuals who need something more specific for functionality.

The Snapfōn® ez 4G and the Snapfōn® ez Flip are the latest generation of the Snapfon ez line and both of these phones can be used as personal safety devices as well as an easy-to-use, easy-to-see, and easy-to-hear cell phone. The big real buttons that speak when pressed, the large high contrast screen, and the sos button that when pressed calls 911 and/or three preprogrammed contacts in case of an emergency are all designed specifically for our core customers, bringing our values of independence, safety, and accessibility directly to them.

Snapfōn® also offers the sosPlus Mobile Monitoring Service. This additional service works with your ez phone to connect you directly to a 24/7 sosPlus agent that can assist you during your emergency. This agent has access to pre-provided medical information and can call 911 or other emergency contacts to assist you. This service can be tied directly to the SOS button located on your ez cell phone.

As technology advances and wireless becomes more accessible to all users Snapfōn® continues to advance the conversation, practice, and commitment to these core values of independent living and accessibility to all users, so that everyone can have a phone or cellular service that provides them with connectivity, safety, and ease of use.