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Snapfōn® ez4G New York Times Feature as Best Non-Smartphone

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This month the New York Times product recommendation service, Wirecutter, features Snapfōn®’s big button feature cell phone the ez4G as their top pick for the best non-smartphone for older adults. The article which came out July 7 on their online news platform, found here:, features a list of cell phones for older adults highlighting best features and recommendations for elderly users. They go into detail explaining why they choose these phones for each category alongside clear photographs of the phones and for size reference the phones next to dollar bills.

The article dives into who the ez4G target buyer is. This user is an older user not looking for a complicated cell phone but instead a phone that’s easy to use with added emergency features. They then go into detail discussing why they like the ez4G and what about Snapfōn®’s ez4G cell phone gave it that top spot on their list. Highlighting the easy-to-read screen and the loudspeaker are just a few of the great specs that are mentioned. Snapfōn®’s SOS button located on the back of the ez4G was a specific feature that is noted in the article and details how the five pre-selected contacts are called and texted when the button is activated.

The article notes that in order to pick their choices they tested our more than a dozen phones. These were phones from the newest top of the line smartphones to the most basic feature phones known and all of these were in the senior friendly market. They made sure to focus on how these phones impacted a user in a specific life stage more so than a general age category because senior friendly phones can be useful to a large age group when considering users with cognitive issues or other heath related needs. In order to be chosen for the top choice in non-smart senior friendly phone the ez4G had to include built in health, safety, and privacy features, customization of accessibility options, ability to block spam messages and calls, additional privacy features, ability to add apps, good call and speakerphone quality, good camera quality and features, combination of comfort convenience and value, as well as compatibility with a variety of major carriers but they do note that some of the phones featured so come with specific plans. The ez4G was used for a minimum of a week and all accessibility features were explored and tested.

Snapfōn®’s ez4G is a great choice for any senior looking for an easy-to-use, easy-to-see, and easy-to-read non-smart cellular phone on a fast reliable nationwide network. We here at Snapfōn® encourage anyone interested in the ez4G to read the New York Times Wirecutter article as well as explore our website at to learn all about the ez4G as well as all other devices Snapfōn® carries. You can also contact customer service online or by phone at 800-937-1532 and we’d be happy to assist you with any questions you may have regarding any Snapfōn® cellular device or service.