Snapfon sosPlus - Personal Emergency Response Service
Add sosPlus® Mobile Emergency Monitoring Service to any plan for only $15.00

Information can make all the difference in an emergency situation!

There for you 24/7: sosPlus® connects you to a 24/7 response agent who has access to the medical information and emergency contacts provided through your Snapfon User Account.

With the information below, our agents can better assist your loved ones, and can dispatch emergency services or alert your family or friends - something 911 simply cannot do.

Our sosPlus® Agents can conference in emergency services, family and friends, and will stay on the line with you until your situation is resolved.

Medications: List all medications, including OTC or custom compounded pharmaceuticals. This is very important because the medications you take can drastically influence your course of treatment.

Allergies: Whether shellfish or peanuts, penicillin or other medications, the more our agents know, the better they can inform emergency responders.

Medical Conditions: List all of your medical conditions, such as diabetes, heart conditions, multiple sclerosis, etc.

Emergency Contacts: List your family, friends, or neighbors.

Your Doctor: List your doctor, and their contact information.

Past Surgical History: Depending on the nature and time-frame of the surgery, this may be important for emergency responders and doctors to know.

Home-Bound or Non-Responsive: Let us know if your loved one is home-bound, and what to do in case they are non-responsive in the case of an emergency.

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Snapfon cell phone for seniors - sosPlus Response Agent :Nathan K.
Response Agent:
Nathan K.

sosPlus® SAVES STROKE VICTIM - Sep 17 2013

A stroke happens about every 40 seconds. Each year, according to WebMD, about 795,000 Americans have a stroke.

On September 11th, 2013 at around 3pm, Linda pressed her button. "I...can' don't know...what's happening to me," Linda faintly told sosPlus® team member Nathan K. Nathan immediately dispatched the paramedics to Linda's home.

Within minutes, paramedics arrived on scene to assess Linda's condition. They immediately rushed her to the hospital. Later that same week, Linda herself called in to thank sosPlus® for getting her the help that she needed. By getting EMS there so quickly, the doctors were able to prevent any major permanent damage. Linda later told sosPlus® the following: "I wanted to personally thank you for saving my life. I was unable to talk and you sent help for me. You waited there with me and gave me hope that help was soon arriving. I am so thankful for what you did for me in my time of need."

We thank sosPlus® team member Nathan K for his dedicated and caring service to Linda, giving her the added confidence that help is a button push away.
Snapfon cell phone for seniors - sosPlus Response Agent :Alexander M.
Response Agent:
Alexander M.


On August 8th, 2013, Leona was cleaning up after dinner. While attempting to wash some dishes, Leona struggled more and more with each dish she cleaned. She realized something was wrong and pressed her button.

sosPlus® team member Alexander, answered her call and sent help to her home.

Upon arrival EMS assessed her symptoms as a stroke, and rushed her to the hospital. Leona's daughter said the doctors were able to treat the symptoms and prevent further damage.

Leona later told AG she is back at home and grateful that her medical system worked so well. "It worked, y'all couldn't prevent what happened to me, but you worked to get help to me fast," Leona commented.
Snapfon cell phone for seniors - sosPlus Response Agent :Alexander M.
Response Agent:
Amy P.


Clarence receives oxygen 24/7. He relies on his machine day in and day out to help him get the oxygen he needs. On August 7th, around 4am, Clarence's nasal tube came out. Waking up, Clarence was confused and disoriented to what was going on around him. He was under the impression someone was trying to break into his house. Shirley, Clarence's wife, didn't realize anything was wrong until she heard Clarence run into, and break a glass table. After realizing that Clarence was hallucinating, Shirley pressed their SOS button on her Snapfon ezTWO. sosPlus® team member Amy responded to Shirley's call for help and notified their hospice. Immediatly, hospice arrivd and secured Clarence's oxygen tube to restore his flow back to normal. "I thought they did superb in getting Clarence the help he needed," Shirley said, "A lot faster than some hospitals I've been to!" She continued.
Snapfon cell phone for seniors - sosPlus Response Agent :Jason R.
Response Agent:
Jason R.


Eleanor prefers her English muffins to be "burnt and crunchy." Frequently, she will put them back in the toaster until they are burnt.

On July 11th, at 8:30am, Eleanor had her English muffin toasting, when all of a sudden sparks projected out of the toaster. Eleanor tried to pull the cord away from the outlet. As she attempted to do so, a burst of electrical energy came from the toaster and ignited other appliances around her. This caused Eleanor to fall down on the floor. She immediately pressed her SOS button on her Snapfon ezTWO. sosPlus® team member Jason responded to her call, but there was no response. Erring on the side of caution, he dispatched the paramedics to Eleanor.

Upon arrival, EMS discovered that the fire had spread over the counter top and Eleanor had crawled into the living room to avoid the fire. EMS quickly extinguished the fire while tending to Eleanor's injuries, giving her oxygen for the amount of smoke she had inhaled.

"She could've died!" Vicky, Eleanor's daughter commented. "But you guys sent help there so quick that you potentially saved her life!" she continued. sosPlus® Agents later learned that Eleanor is recovering well from her injuries.

We think Vicky says it best, "For anyone who lives alone... just get one!"
Snapfon cell phone for seniors - sosPlus Response Agent :Jessica J.
Response Agent:
Jessica J.


I usually do not get to bed till late at night. At around 4:30 am I finally felt ready to go to sleep when all the sudden sirens started going off. Being 84 years old, this was a shock to my system. My heart was pounding so hard, I didn't know what was going on and when I was finally able to get out of bed and walked into the living room, I opened my bedroom door, I stepped in a puddle of water! I looked up and water was coming out of my ceiling fan like something out of a horror picture! I went to check out my window to see if it was raining. It wasn't. I heard a loud cracking sound coming from my kitchen. My toaster was sparking! I began to fear for my life." "I thought, "What could I do?" The home phone didn't seem to be working. Then the thought came to me! "I have my Snapfon!" So I pressed my SOS button and got a hold of a wonderful young woman who calmed me down and reassured me that help was on the way. When the fire department arrived, they immediately shut off my power. Soon after, my daughter arrived, and helped me grab some things from my house and took me to her home. I was later told that the cause of all the water was from a water heater that broke." Magdalene says it best: "If you live alone, you need one!" "If I didn't have one I would be afraid to live alone."
Snapfon cell phone for seniors - sosPlus Response Agent :Kelbi U.
Response Agent:
Kelbi U.


"I didn't think I would ever have to use it...but if it hadn't been for that little SOS button, I wouldn't be here today!" Now I tell everyone to get an ezTWO! Annie told Snapfon after she survived a life threatening experience back in March.

Annie progressively felt worse throughout the day. She tried to lay down for a bit to see if that would help, but nothing seemed to make her feel any better. As she then headed to the bathroom, her legs gave out from under her and she blacked out. "I wasn't sure how long I had been out, but I just prayed saying: "Lord give me the strength to press my SOS button," and he did."

sosPlus® team member Kelbi attempted to communicate with Annie, not knowing that she had blacked out again and was lying on the floor. Erring on the side of caution, Kelbi sent police and paramedics to her home.

Upon arrival, EMS was able to help Annie regain consciousness. They quickly assessed her vitals. After getting the results back, they knew they quickly needed to get her to the hospital. At that point she had tested significantly low for her blood pressure (anything lower and she could've gone into a coma).
Snapfon cell phone for seniors - sosPlus Response Agent :Hannah S.
Response Agent:
Hannah S.


I need help, I need help!" was the only expression sosPlus® team member Hannah received from Marjorie on May 5th at approximately 10am.

Marjorie went about her day like any other. Growing weaker in strength and energy as the day proceeded. When she had to use the restroom, she realized that her strength had all but left her, so she pressed her pendant. Within moments, sosPlus® team member Hannah had heard Marjorie's plea and sent help to her home.

Within minutes, EMS arrived at Marjorie's home. Assessing her vitals they knew something else was wrong, so they transported her to the hospital for further tests.

"If she hadn't pressed her medical pendant, it might have been too late for the doctors to realize that Marjorie's health status had changed," said Beverly, Marjorie's daughter. Beverly later told sosPlus® that if she hadn't been at the hospital her current medication would have worsened her newly discovered illness.
Snapfon cell phone for seniors - sosPlus Response Agent :Daniel M
Response Agent:
Daniel M.


On February 2, 2013, at approximately 4PM, William, of Milton, Pennsylvania pressed his medical button. William was immediately connected with sosPlus® team member Daniel. He advised Daniel that he couldn't move. William had fallen and was bleeding profusely. Daniel quickly dispatched the paramedics and then let the frightened subscriber know that help was on the way. William was worried that the response would take too long as he lives in a remote and rural area. Daniel comforted William and calmed him down as he reassured him that help would arrive soon.

sosPlus® later confirmed that William was transported to a nearby hospital for further medical attention. We thank Daniel for his calm and courteous response that not only helped get William the help that he desperately needed, but for also calming the patient down until help arrived.
Snapfon cell phone for seniors - sosPlus Response Agent :Brandy H
Response Agent:
Brandy H.

Life Saved - Nov 21 2012

On October 3, 2012 at 05:28AM, Mary F. of Avandale, Arizona pressed her medical button. sosPlus® operator, Brandy H., received the alarm within four seconds and immediately connected to the Snapfon ezTWO. Unfortunately Brandy could make no contact with Mary over her Snapfon ezTWO, so she tried to reach Mary on the home phone. Yet Brandy still remained unable to reach Mary to see what was wrong. She then dispatched the paramedics to Mary's residence.

What Brandy didn't know was that Mary was experiencing a life threatening emergency and couldn't communicate...but she could press her SOS button. Mary's daughter, Gayle, later informed us that had Brandy not responded to Mary's button press as she did, Mary would have died. The family was obviously more than grateful for the service provided by Mary's sosPlus® on her Snapfon ezTWO, and Brandy's response.

We thank sosPlus® team member Brandy H. for her dedicated service to Mary, giving her the added confidence that getting help when you need it is just as easy as her snapfon ezTWO!
Snapfon cell phone for seniors - sosPlus
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