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Stay Healthy and Physical as You Age

Stay Healthy and Physical as You Age

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As we age our bodies begin to show the signs. From chronic health conditions to physical limitations the years are carried within out muscles, joints, ligaments, and more. When factoring in decisions on aging in place a key factor for most is access to actives and nutrition to increase quality of life and longevity. Some form of exercise daily for at least 30 minutes and a balanced nutrition plan that follows increased whole food options can drastically increase quality of life.

The types of exercise you participate in as you age don’t necessarily need to change. Taking walks is a perfect example of an exercise that is beneficial at any age. But, walking on a treadmill or an indoor track may be a better option for older individuals because of the shock absorption built into those surfaces for knees and joints. Choosing shoes made specifically for your age and activity is also something to consider helping aid you in getting the most overall benefit of your exercise.

Yoga and pilates are also excellent choices for any age because they increase flexibility, muscle strength, and cardiovascular health. Simple stretches for 15-30 minutes every day can have a fast improvement on your overall energy levels, mood, and well-being and can be done anywhere. Many age-appropriate movements for these types of exercise can be found through specific classes or online videos.

Weight training or resistance exercise bands can also greatly help the decreased bone density that many older adults, especially women, experience. Also, aerobic water activities can be a wonderful choice. These movements done in the water help with age-related muscle mass loss and help increase a person’s reaction time. Symptoms from arthritis can also be combated through exercise, especially water aerobics.

Following a specific diet may be hard for some especially as we age and preparing our own meals becomes increasingly difficult. One good rule to try and mold our meals around though is to decrease added sugars, saturated fats, and sodium consumption. Increasing protein to aid in maintaining muscle mass is best done through the consumption of seafood, dairy, or fortified soy alternatives such as beans, peas, and lentils according to All exercise and nutrition changes should be discussed with your physician. A doctor is the best person to advise you on a healthy lifestyle decision. Speak with your medical professional about some of these age-specific exercise recommendations and nutrition choices and work with them to create the best life-benefiting plan specifically for you and your needs.