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What is a Senior Cell Phone?

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These days when you picture a cell phone you’re probably picturing an iPhone or a Samsung equipped with the latest applications, games, and features. These rectangular screens are loaded with information, internet access, and connection across many different platforms. Phones have come a long way from neighborhood party lines in the house and even corded phones found in a vehicle. So why would anyone want to go back to a basic, more simplified cell phone?

As we age hand dexterity can make functioning a smartphone much more difficult. Having to flip through multiple screens and so many applications can be nearly impossible for someone with arthritis. The lack of buttons and the lack of easy typing options makes smartphones especially hard for individuals with accessibility issues. Starting as early as your 40s the human eyes will start to show signs of aging with close distance vision being affected the most. So viewing the small text across the entire smartphone can also cause many challenges for individuals progressively as they age.

The option to have a cell phone that incorporates all the latest technology including fast calling times, quick connection and nationwide service packed into a simple and easy to use device makes having a phone an option for many users who simply can not use a smartphone. These simple cell phones are known more commonly as senior cell phones are made specifically for users with visual, hearing, or other accessibility needs.

The design of senior cell phones can vary between companies but here at Snapfōn®, we include both a flip phone and a bar phone option with real buttons that users can feel when pressed. Being able to feel the button to dial a number and to pre-program speed dials to make calls even easier are exactly what our users are looking for. Both phone options include hearing aid accessibility, buttons that can speak when pressed, the option to have phone numbers spoken aloud when a call comes in both in English or Spanish, as well as many other features designed to make the cell phone significantly more user friendly. The text on screens are large and easy to read with a high contrast of colors. These phones are simple to use, see, and read but fully packed with the latest technology and service you’ve come to expect in a modern cell phone.

Senior cell phones are making a wave in the phone industry market today. So many of us are working to live a more simplified life while still connecting to those far away. Removing barriers of frustration and inaccessibility in our lives can be the first place to start. We find that taking the cell phone one carries with them daily and stripping down the complexity and revealing the simple user-friendly experience not only enhances the ability to use our phones but also improves connections with loved ones. The easier to use your cell phone the more often you will find yourself using it, and that’s the goal with Snapfōn®’s senior cell phones.