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What is USB-C and Why is it Better for Charging?

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You may have heard recently that the newest iPhone model is getting a USB-C charging port. Maybe you’ve heard of these types of chargers on other devices like smart watches or tablets. Possibly, this is a completely new type of charger that you really know nothing about. Regardless, if you know a little or a lot about USB-C we’re happy to give you a little introduction or offer you some new information.

USB-C is the standard charger used for the the Snapfōn® ez4G. When designing our senior focus feature phones here at Snapfōn® we knew incorporating the latest sate of the art technology for the fastest and most reliable device was exactly what our products needed, and our customers deserved. Firstly, the USB-C charger can change your device nearly 7 times faster than the previous standard USB-A charger. This is perfect for Snapfōn® devices that need to be within arm’s reach of our users at all times.

Another notable difference between the old standard USB-A charger and the USB-C charger is that the connectors on the USB-C are reversable. This allows users to plug the connect in either direction and they are larger making it significantly easier for users to plug their phones in without damage to their device. Users with dexterity issues find using the USB-C connector significantly easier although we do offer our desktop charging cradles that take that ease even one step further. View those here:

One last improvement with the USB-C charger is the download and upload speed. USB-C has a 10Gbps data transfer rate which is more than 20 times faster than USB 2.0 and twice as fast as USB 3.0. So if you choose to take images off your device on upload to a computer or to take music and put it onto your device all of this can be done significantly faster with the USB-C.