ezProtection® Handset Replacement Program Terms and Conditions


By both subscribing to a snapMobile® prepaid monthly service plan activated after January 14, 2013, and by using a Snapfōn® handset, you are automatically covered by the ezProtection® Handset Replacement Program, subject to the Terms & Conditions below, for as long as your account is in good standing..

Bring your own phone (BYOP) customers are not eligible for the ezProtection® Handset Replacement Program.

How it Works

If your Snapfōn® is accidentally damaged, simply call our office at (423) 535-9968 or contact us to file a claim.

We will send you a replacement Snapfōn® along with a return shipping label for you to send us back the damaged handset. The damaged handset must be sent back to us within 2 weeks or you will be charged the current price of the Unlocked handset, as published on this website.

What is Covered (Covered Loss)

This program covers any type of accidental damage to your Snapfōn® Covered Device. So if it falls in the washing machine, gets run over by a car, or falls out of your pocket, it's covered.
To put it simply, as long as it can be collected into a box and mailed back to us within two (2) weeks, it's covered.

Limits & Limitations

The ezProtection® Handset Replacement Program will replace up to two (2) Covered Devices in any twelve (12) month period. Covered Devices over & above the 2 covered by this program will cost full price (the current price of the Unlocked handset, as published on this website).
You will not be entitled to receive cash in lieu of product replacement.
No person other than You may benefit from this program.
Replacement equipment may be refurbished, in like-new condition, and of like kind or quality.
This program only covers subscribers in the United States.
Use of any Service Provider other than snapMobile® renders you ineligible for this program.


You may cancel your cellular service at any time, subject to the terms and conditions of any applicable promotion, which will simultaneously end your coverage under the ezProtection® program.
If you cancel your service within 90 days of receiving a replacement device under this program, you will be charged the published price of an Unlocked handset in effect at the replacement date.
ezProtection is an included feature of all prepaid monthly cellular service plans. As such, it may not be opted out of for monthly subscribers.
Annual service plans are exempted from this, and ezProtection may be added or removed from them at any time. No refund (full or prorated) is available for unused ezProtection when removed from an annual plan.

What is Not Covered (Exclusions)

ezProtection® will not replace your Snapfōn® if:
1. The damage to your Snapfōn® occurred during any period when your account was not in good standing, or when your account was cancelled.
2. The Snapfōn® has been lost, stolen, or misplaced.
3. The original/damaged Snapfōn® is not returned to Senior Tech, LLC within 2 weeks of the replacement date.
4. The damage to your Snapfōn® was caused by an intentional, dishonest, fraudulent, or criminal act committed by You.
5. The original/damaged Snapfōn® submitted by You has an IMEI number that does not match or has been altered/tampered with in any way.
6. Any accessories.
7. The issue is covered under the Manufacturer's Warranty click for Details
8. Replacement due to an advance in, or elimination of a technology


1. Administrator means Excellus Communications, LLC d/b/a Snapfōn®.
2. Service Provider means the provider of the wireless telephone service for your Covered Device.
3. Covered Device means any Snapfōn® handset owned by You which is actively registered on a snapMobile® service plan in good standing also registered to You, the same Member. Covered Device is limited to one Snapfōn® handset, one standard battery, and one standard charger.
4. Member or Subscriber means the customer on file with the Administrator as the owner of the Covered Device and the snapMobile® service plan.
5. Good Standing means that Your account is Active and that all charges due on an account have been paid through the date of the Covered Loss.
6. Covered Loss means loss of usage, including, but not limited to, Failure. Covered Loss does not mean loss of the device, itself, due to theft, misplacing the Covered Device, or any other situation in which the Covered Device cannot be produced.
7. We, Us, and Our mean the Administrator.
8. You and Your mean the Member or Subscriber.
9. Replacement Device means the Snapfōn® wireless handset you receive after reporting a Covered Loss to the Administrator

Effective May 18, 2017